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Ever since you were a kid, you loved reading spy novels and watching James Bond movies. You wanted to become a secret agent so badly that you wished upon stars, wrote letters to Santa, and even sent prayers to God.

All your prayers and wishes were answered the day you received a letter from The Agency stating that you have been chosen to be their agent. You have been working for The Agency for more than five years now and have a steady list of successful missions under your belt. Your career resume is thus far exemplary.

Currently, your mission is to keep an eye on the Mafia and this mission has brought you to the underground dance club ‘Dancing Pony’. The music is so loud in here and there are so many people loitering around that it would be impossible for anyone to observe the comings and goings of the Mafia. But nothing is impossible for you though, not when you are armed with Ghostek soDrop 2 wireless headphones.

You are in constant touch with The Agency with the help of the built-in microphone in the soDrop 2 headphones. You are just heading closer to one of the Mafia leaders, when one of the dancers bumps into you, and your headphones slips from your head and clatters to the floor.

Luckily for you, these are Ghostek soDrop 2 headphones that are made of ultra-durable aluminum and soft leather. This ensures that your soDrop 2 headphones are still in working condition when you put them on again. All throughout this time, you haven’t taken your eyes off the table where the leaders of the Mafia are seated.

Suddenly one of the leaders stands up and starts yelling at the others, and you clearly see the tension rising. It is one of those situations where even a tiny spark can result in an explosion. Now there is a scuffle taking place, and you know that this situation can get so much worse. Since you are already in touch with The Agency via your Ghostek soDrop 2 wireless headphones, you call for backup.

Now, your job is to ensure that the situation does not escalate and bodies start to drop until backup arrives. You head to the table and try your best to calm the Mafia leaders down, however, this peace only lasts for a couple of minutes. Just when a gunfight is about to start, people from The Agency storm through the club doors, and arrest organized criminals. An arrest that will definitely stick because you have been gathering evidence in secret for a long time now! The DA is going to love this case!

Designed by Ghostek in New York


Slip on a pair of soDrop 2 headphones and get ready for the beat to drop. With crystal clear HD sound and advanced bi-directional noise reduction technology, you’ll feel every song coursing through your veins. This is a listening experience unlike any other. Melt into the comfort of the soft leather ear cups as the outside world fades away. And if you’re on the go? Lose yourself in the music without missing a call, thanks to the built-in ear cup microphone. SoDrop 2 Wireless Headphones: taking audio to the next level.

  • HD Crystal Clear Sound, Bi-Directional Noise Reduction, and Bass-Sensitivity
  • Equipped with aptX® Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
  • High Quality Soft Leather & Brushed Aluminum Metal
  • Take Hands-Free Calls On the Go with Built-in Microphone
  • 3.5MM Audio Jack for Easy Inline Aux Cable Use
  • Includes Ghostek's 1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty
  • Bluetooth
  • Farbe