Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, black (H5D-00015)
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Miss nothing! The LifeCam Cinema to enjoy high-quality widescreen videos in high definition 720p and also crystal clear sound. You can be sure that the camera is always automatically focuses and adjusts the exposure TrueColor technology so that a clear record with vivid colors. High-precision glass lens delivers even greater image sharpness and ClearFrame technology can improve even under poor lighting conditions.

widescreen video in 720p HD
720p sensor captures high-quality video at up to 30 frames per second.

Auto Focus
Images stay sharp and detailed even during close-ups.

High-precision lenses
High-precision glass element lens

The sharp high-quality video
ClearFrame technology ensures smooth detailed video.

digital microphone
Digital microphone with noise canceling technology improves due to crystal-clear sound quality calls.

Aluminium body
The flexible stand for laptops and desktop computers.

Windows Live Movie Maker
Create your own movie with one click, and then upload your widescreen video to social networking sites.

Photo Gallery Windows Live
Easily upload a photo that you can edit, tag and share with friends and family.

LifeCam Dashboard
Directly in the window Windows Live Messenger is possible to video from a webcam Add special effects.

Call Button Windows Live ™
A video call can be initiated by pressing this button and select an online contact.

Universal Stand
With universal stand the camera can be used with both PC and laptop.

Video Effects
Surprise your friends with amazing video effects that are accessible from the window of Windows Live Messenger.

Compatible with:
Windows Live ™, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype