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Maximum comfort
Oval ergonomic, adjustable function, right-hand mouse. Allow you to keep your wrist at work in a natural, healthy position.

Modern design
Elegant design, efficient placement of buttons, armrest, smart shortcuts for Windows functions eighth


  • Molded design helps to improve the posture of the wrist when typing
  • Detachable padded palm rest
  • Split the spacebar to backspace functions - higher efficiency writing
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy access to the functions of Windows 8


  • Easy access to the homescreen and applications
  • Four-way touch scrolling for up, down, left and right
  • Works on any surface
  • BlueTrack Technology

Main features:

  • Contoured design encourages natural wrist position and allows easy access to the keys.
  • The detachable palm rest can be withdrawn due to the sleek and compact appearance. With detachable armrest and adjustable wrist vibration feet keyboard, you can work in a position that is most comfortable for you.
  • Split the spacebar with function keys Backspace to improve the effectiveness of writing.
  • Scroll four ways - to scroll left, right, forward and back. Quickly and efficiently browse through all your projects.
  • Touch key Windows - features optimized for Windows 8: press the center of the blue stripe, you can switch between the current application and the initial screen. Move up to the blue strip to scroll through the open modern applications, moving down to view all open applications and select one of them. The features available in Windows 7: press the blue stripe Start menu, scroll up or down to navigate the browser to move forward or back.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 - provides easy access to commonly used functions in Windows 8th
  • BlueTrack Technology - With technology BlueTrack mouse can be used on almost any surface at home or in the office.

System Requirements:

  • Computer running Windows (Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7) or Macintosh
  • 150 megabytes hard disk
  • USB
  • 2 alkaline batteries (AAA) - part of the package (the keyboard)
  • 2 alkaline batteries (AA) - part of the package (Mouse)
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